An excellent lead capture form is important if you’re looking to increase your lead generation. However what makes a good form? We have come up with some tips that will help your form transition from a low-performer to a high-converting list building tool.

1. Keep it brief

Don’t bore your prospect with unneeded fields. If you request too much information, they’re most likely to begin filling out the form then leave your website when they see how many fields they need to fill in.

Simply ask your potential consumers for the info you need. You should discover that your conversion rates increase. However, you ought to always test what works for you, as sometimes having more fields can improve your form’s conversion rate.

2. Don’t make your form look like one

It sounds counter-intuitive, however make your form look different to a form. Nobody likes filling out forms, whether online or on paper. Make your form seem enjoyable by utilising big, clickable images and sliders. You’ll still get the same info from the consumer, however it’s more likely that they’ll give you their information in the first place.

Plenty of companies are using chatbots to collect information these days. When they’re done well, they can be a great way to increase conversion rates.

3. Use clickable components

Needing to think and type puts consumers off. However if they just need to point their mouse and click, it’s a very different story. In psychology, clicking movements are called ‘motor actions’ and typing is referred to as a ‘cognitive action’. The less we need to think to fill in a form, the more most likely we are to finish it, so consider reducing the quantity of typing the prospect needs to do.

4. Tailor your questions to the individual

Do you ask the same questions to all your potential customers? Would it be much better if you tailored your concerns to the person? Think about concealing or showing some questions based on previous answers from the customer so each question relates to them.

Not only does this approach enable you to get more relevant details from possible clients, but it also allows you to group them together better.

5. Make sure you’re GDPR compliant

The laws on data protection in the EU changed on 25th May 2018, when the General Data Protection Regulations came into effect. This regulation gives individuals more control over how their data is used and means that you can no longer automatically opt prospects in to marketing communication without their explicit consent. If you use your form to collect email addresses to add to your mailing list, you must provide prospects with a tick box to opt in to these emails.

Customers will be on the lookout for forms that are following the new GDPR rules. Make sure you make your privacy policy readily available and you could also consider adding tooltips to explain why you are collecting certain data. This will increase trust and in turn increase your conversion rates. If you’re unsure about anything to do with GDPR, make sure you seek legal advice.

The very best thing to do with any of these ideas to increase the conversion rates of your forms is to test them out. Check everything individually then carry out the approaches that work best for you.