Create a Trustworthy Website in 4 Quick Steps

No one buys anything anymore without doing some online research first so having a trustworthy website is essential.

We wrote here last year that one in five small-to-medium businesses deliberately don’t have a website. Unfortunately, that screams ‘dodgy’ to many people today.

Don’t lose out on business because of weaknesses in your website. Follow these simple steps to create a trustworthy website that people will find credible.

1. Avoid generic stock images

Think that images of happy customers shaking hands with impossibly attractive trades-people makes for a trustworthy website? Think again. Customers appreciate you’re trying to sell them something, but they know when they’re being played. Try to make your persuasion a little less hard on the nose.

Make your site look more credible by using imagery that looks more casual or, better still, that is actually of you and your team at work.

If you’ve got the budget, consider hiring a professional photographer to take photos of you at the workplace. It will show customers that you take pride in what you do.

If you don’t have that kind of cash to splash there are some good free image libraries which don’t include the corny photos which put customers off. Hubspot have compiled a great list of the best ones.

2. Create useful content

Having the interests of customers at heart is a hallmark of a trustworthy website. Make your blog a place where you address your customer’s problems and offer them possible solutions with your service. For example, if you’re a mechanic, you could write an article explaining how to change a car battery. Providing help without immediate financial gain makes you seem more credible and many will decide to call you after seeing how difficult the job can be.

3. Build trust by using testimonials

Man looking at trustworthy website
Ever wondered why sites such as Amazon and eBay are so keen for you to leave reviews after buying a product? It’s because people have a habit of assuming that the things other people like have value.

Use this principal of social proof to make your website more trustworthy by adding testimonials from your customers to your website. If you can, try to include a photo of the person alongside their testimonial, as it helps to show customers that the review comes from a real person.

4. A trustworthy website has its customers in mind

Remember that when you’re writing for your website, you’re addressing individual readers. So make sure they know you are speaking to them by using ‘you’. It helps to create a sense of trust amongst your customers, and people are more receptive to the messages of those they trust.

Following these 4 tips will help to show your customers that you’re a credible company. Customers will trust you more and will be more likely to want to invite you to quote for their project.

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About the Author:

Emily is the Customer Experience Marketing Manager for Quotatis and specialises in content. She has been working in marketing for 3 years and enjoys investigating the psychology behind marketing and sales. For more information about Emily visit her Google+ profile.