Infographics are a great medium to display information in an interesting, visual format. However the best infographics around do more than simply display information – they tell a story.

To develop an infographic that will go viral, it has to stand out from the huge amount of mediocre ones that are out there. Have a look at 5 of the finest infographics around and see what you can gain from them.

1. National Geographic – Our Dwindling Food Variety

best infographics food variety

This great infographic from National Geographic is brief, however it gives you all the details you need. ‘Our Dwindling Food Variety’ demonstrates how the different ranges of fruit and vegetables have been vanishing over the last 100 years. Showing the data in bars in the shape of a plant rather than a bar chart makes it a lot more aesthetically attractive.

2. Full Plate Living – Ways To Keep Fruits and Vegetables Fresh Longer

best infographics full plate

Full Plate Living have made this simple but easy-to-understand infographic to show where you must store various fruit and vegetables to keep them at their best. The different images showing where you need to store each food are set out simply so you can tell whether you must store them at room temperature, in the fridge when ripe or in the fridge from when you purchase them. Try simple images on your infographics to show what you want to communicate clearly.

3. VWO – The Anatomy of a Perfect Checkout Page

best infographics vwo

VWO have broken down the anatomy of a checkout page completely here. The arrows and screenshots break up the different components into workable parts that make it simple to follow and see exactly what you should be looking to do with a checkout page. It’s a vibrant example that uses beneficial help and recommendations without being dull.

4. Wimdu – 10 Curious Customs from Dinner Tables Around the World

best infographics wimdu

Wimdu’s infographic is among the top infographics we’ve seen for ‘do vs. don’t’ opposites. This infographic describing different dinner customs from around the globe uses one point per country, which keeps the infographic from looking cluttered. You can use ‘do vs. don’t’ dichotomies for everything, and set each point out in a colourful and spacious way.

5. No Nonsense Insurance – How Music Impacts your Driving

best infographics no nonsense

No Nonsense Insurance have still managed to develop a fantastic infographic despite being in a dull market. How music impacts our driving is a topic most drivers are interested in, and the vibrant and enjoyable graphic succeeds in putting No Nonsense Insurance in the consumer’s mind for when they next have to renew. The facts will draw readers in simply because No Nonsense presents them in such an effective way.

The best infographics aren’t complicated. They’re the ones that present details well and utilise colour carefully. Take pointers from all of these infographics to see how you can improve your lead generation just by including this basic, sharable type of material.