Every business should have a way to develop relationships with existing customers and reach out to new ones. Email marketing is a brilliant way to do this. But research suggests that not everyone responds well to the marketing emails they get.

Fluent published a report based on a survey of nearly 2000 people. They all lived in the US and were all 18 or older. It indicates that lots of consumers are often unhappy about the number and quality of marketing emails they get.

57% of respondents said that they found the marketing emails they receive never or rarely useful. Only 8% of respondents said that the emails they receive are frequently useful and 7% said that they are always useful.

The survey also asked people how many marketing emails they receive. 8% said that they don’t receive enough marketing emails and 12% said that they thought they receive the right amount. A huge 79% said they received too many marketing emails.

So, this indicates that some people are happy with the amount of marketing emails they receive. But most consumers find marketing emails unhelpful and feel swamped by them.

So how do you make sure that your emails are the helpful ones?

Don’t panic and just stop sending marketing emails. Instead, try these tips to make sure that your emails are valuable and engaging.

1. Create an effective subject line

Your subject line should immediately grab your reader’s attention. This will encourage them to open it and help to stop them leaving or deleting it.

2. Focus on the visual

Make sure you consider how your emails look. Use fonts and colours that are consistent and easy to view. Customers won’t read an email that they can’t view properly, even if the content’s interesting. And as lots of people use their phones to read emails, make your content user-friendly by ensuring its responsive.

3. Consider when you send your emails

Be clever about when you send your marketing emails. People don’t like getting emails at awkward times, especially if they feature something that needs acting on quickly. They also don’t like being pestered on a daily basis. If you’re strategic about making your offers convenient, you’ll get a far more positive response.

Making sure that your emails are valuable to your customers and engage them can significantly improve your relationship with them. Plus, it will help you get in touch with new customers and get them excited about your product.