Expand your Business with a Social Media Presence

A strong social media presence is essential for modern businesses. Maybe you’re already promoting your business by pumping content across social media. If not, it’s probably time to up your game.

Here’s why a strong social media strategy is essential for your business.

Brand awareness

In an increasingly busy marketplace, it’s more important than ever that people know who you are and what you do if you want to find new customers. Social media is the perfect place to generate awareness.

List the services that your business provides on your social media accounts and make sure to feature your contact details in clear and obvious places.

By including clear details about your business across social media, prospective customers will be aware of what you do and so will be much more likely to use your services.

Outplay your competitors

Having a powerful social media strategy will help you to beat your competitors.

When you and your competitors are all selling similar services, it’s essential that you find a way for your business to stand out.

Regularly posting engaging and informative content on social media will help to maintain awareness of your business in the public mind. So, when they have a job that needs doing they’ll probably think of you.

Keep your tone professional but friendly throughout your social media posts to give the impression that you’re a reliable expert in the field but also that you’re personable and pleasant to deal with. Customers will be much more likely to choose your business over competitors they haven’t heard of.

Reach out to new customers

mobile phone with social media icons and hand scrolling up The beauty of using social media as a marketing tool is that it’s free. What you get out of it will be determined by the effectiveness of your social media game. That’s great news if you put in the time to implement a powerful social media strategy for your business.

Connect with new customers by writing helpful blogs that are optimised for SEO and place them strategically by using a range of tags and hashtags. Provide your customers with more than just your services to give them a reason to continue to follow you.

Provide exceptional customer service

Highlight your exceptional customer service by responding to your customers on social media. When people comment about your business, take the time to reply. Whether they’re sharing something positive or negative, you’ll show that you care by responding.

Thank customers for leaving positive reviews of your service and ask if you can share their feedback.

Demonstrating your excellent customer service on social media will make customers more likely to want to use your services.

Having a strong social media presence will greatly benefit your business. It’s as easy as making profiles for your business on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Written by Adam Rivers

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